Florida Part 3

Lettuce Lake, 40X48″, Oil on canvas

I think I’ve probably exhausted the imagery from our trip to Florida, completing the 13th painting today.  Lettuce Lake is from Corkscrew Swamp, a park with a long boardwalk and  a beautiful landscape.

Caloosahatchee River, 48X36″, Oil on canvas

The above painting was from our visit to the Edison Ford Winter estates in Fort Myers.

Bald Cypress,  48X40″, Oil on canvas

We stopped at a roadside park called Kirby Storter and walked on their boardwalk.  The early part of the walk was more open with these bare trees that we discovered were bald cypress.  This painting arose from that walk.

Botanical Garden 3, 40X30″, Oil on canvas

Botanical Garden 2, 40X30″, Oil on canvas

And finally, two more paintings from the Botanical Gardens in Naples.  Well worth a visit!

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