Shared memories

Many of my paintings spring from walks with my husband, Jim and dog, Ted. As I have a tendency to get lost on my own, it’s a rare occasion I’ll drive to a park without my better oriented husband along.  Those paintings are often some of Jim’s favorites, because they bring back his own memories.

Autumn Walk, (40X40), 2018

The above painting came from a walk at Lake Maria State Park on the first day of December one year.  We weren’t expecting it to be a gorgeous day.  Usually by this time in late fall, there is snow on the ground.  But it was a lovely, unseasonably warm day, with the sun creating a sharp clear light with long shadows.

Bear Creek, 48X24, 2018

My brother, Pete, took us on a walk near his home along Bear Creek this summer.  It is a rare treat for us to get down to his place in northern Iowa.  The creek was a hidden jewel.  The path sometimes took us away from the water, only to sneak back to lush views of the creek, sometimes appearing calm and still, other times rushing over rocks.

Lake Wake, 26X52″, 2018

The above painting is not from a walk but a pontoon ride last fall with Dave and Alison Edgerton.  I’ve always been drawn to the wake’s action on the water, so I tried to capture it’s disruption of the water’s reflection of the landscape.

Maplewood 4, 30X24″, 2018

Maplewood State Park is in western Minnesota and about a 100 mile drive for us.  We don’t get there very often.  But my paintings bring us back to our last autumn walk there.  Even though the park was full of people enjoying the colors (something I usually don’t like),  it was one of the happiest days of my life.  There is nothing better than being surrounded by beauty, hiking with Jim and dog.


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