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Private Land, 24X30″, Oil on canvas, 2018

So many of my paintings spring from walks in my neighborhood.  They are of places I look at over and over again, that somehow touch me.  Every time I walk past the above space, I am moved by the sense of a private, secret world, with light a major player in it’s beauty.

Winter Trail 3, 48X40″, Oil on canvas, 2018

The above trail is less than a mile from home and I walk it in all seasons.  The landscape has a lot of wonderful basswood trees that reach across great expanses of land.  In the winter, it is the stripes of long shadows that I find so inviting.

Little Deep 24, 30X30″, Oil on canvas, 2018

We use to walk to this small private lake but it is no longer open to us.  Land is always changing hands and the new owners are raising a family and don’t appreciate having neighbors hiking through their property.  It is a great loss for us but I can understand the desire for privacy.  As my title shows, I’ve painted this little lake 24 times.  It is a magical place, where the sunfish swim up to you to check you out and even the loons are more curious than afraid of people.

Mary Lingen


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