Winter Morning, (48X24), 2018

Painting is often about moments in a place, at least in my landscapes.  The above painting is of our backyard, as morning is breaking and the fog is starting to lift off the landscape.  Mornings during the winter are very special to me.  It’s that soft golden light, peaking through the trees, with so little energy there are no shadows yet.  It is a gentle mystery.

Aspen 2, 48X40″, 2018

In Aspen 2, the moment lasts a bit longer, but spring seems to charge across our landscape, each day with new young leaves in shades of greens, peach, and reddish brown.  Occasionally, we’ll have a spring that takes its time, but this year, we went from winter to summer, with spring a very brief eruption of color.

Corset Lake 4, 32X48″, 2018

The sky provides the height of visual ephemera, ever changing and extravagant. Corset Lake 4 is of very early spring, before leaves have appeared, but the glorious sky filled me with wonder.


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