Autumn 16, 26X52″, Oil on canvas, 2018

I often get teased about the names I give my paintings.  There is a logic—my logic—behind my choices.  I don’t want to dictate how a viewer interprets a painting.  By choosing the simple titles, such as “Autumn” and numbering it, I give a basic clue as to how to orient oneself in the viewing of a piece, but not an emotional direction.  Once a work is out in the public, people will use their own experiences and imagination to interpret the art, and I find that very exciting. Sometimes, I am very specific in my titles, such as labeling it with the name of the lake or river it springs from, such as the painting below:

Big Deep 2, 48X32″, Oil on canvas, 2018

I have found that many people are happy to recognize a spot in the landscape. They are amazed that something familiar to them has been translated into a painting.  My husband, who often comes with me when I walk, has a stronger connection to a painting when he remembers the moment we were there.  The paintings below are from a park near his home town and so the emotional connection to the place is strong:

Blazing Star Trail, 36X48″, Oil on canvas, 2018

Blazing Star Trail 2, 48X32, Oil on canvas, 2018


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