Boat Rides

Lake Hattie 14, 40X48″, Oil on canvas, 2017

It’s natural to look back on the year as we come to it’s end.  A lot of my paintings stir strong memories of moments in my life.  The painting above brings me back to a pontoon ride with Dave and Alison Edgerton.  A beautiful evening on a lake I have painted many times, with very good friends.  It’s unusual for me to be in a boat.  Lakes look very different from a moving vessel than from my usual perspective, standing on their shore.  This year, friend and fellow artist, Pat Abraham, invited me to see Ten Mile Lake from her boat.  It was one of those bright sunny days and the lake has a different character than Lake Hattie. It’s more open, with less inlets.  It feels a lot bigger, whereas on Lake Hattie, I feel sheltered by the vegetation and never too far from a shore. Here’s my version of  Ten Mile Lake:

Ten Mile Lake, 30X40″, Oil on canvas, 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope 2018 will be a year of less hatred and more care for our beautiful land.

Mary Lingen


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