August 2017

August #3,  Oil on canvas,40X48″ 2017

I love August and the later summer months.  The above painting is a view from Myre-Big Island State Park in southern Minnesota.  The park has a lot of prairie, and by August, there are many different wildflowers blooming and the grasses are starting to get that late summer color.  The painting depicts some sort of sunflower (I think!).  I was drawn to them because of their wonky stems.  The clouds seemed to echo their form.

Woods 38, Oil on canvas, 40X20″, 2017
The above painting is of the land across the street from us.  By August, the deer fly are much less of a problem and we are able to walk in the woods without discomfort.  I tend to look upward more in the summer, probably because the leaf cover is so dense, it’s hard to see anything but a sea of green if looking straight ahead.

Mary Lingen


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