No Free Lunch

Bass Pond, 40X20″, 2017

Lake Maria 4,  30X30″, 2017

Winter Path 3, 42X22″, 2016


I remember 8th grade Social Studies, Mr. McGee teaching the idea of no free lunch and it always stuck with me.  Being in nature is kind of like that.  There is a “cost” to visiting the landscapes I walk in and paint.

The subject of Bass Pond is a hike this spring at Deep Portage Wildlife Refuge, a beautiful area not far from where we live.  The day was perfect and the mosquitoes had not become a problem yet.  But after our walk, I had nine woodticks, bitten into me, which continued to itch for weeks after I discovered and removed them.

For the next painting, Lake Maria 4, it was summer, and the plague was deer fly so plentiful and hungry we pretty much ran to the car.

And of course, the most beautiful winter days are also the coldest, as it was in Winter Path 3.  The air is bitingly clear and crisp, the shadows long and blue.  Enchanting, but you better wear warm clothes.


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