Fickle April

Fountain Lake Trail, 36X24″, 2017

April is the time of year when the snow melts (usually) and we get to see the bare ground again, before the grasses begin their tremendous growth and the brush and trees start to leaf out. The painting above is of an April day.  Then there are the heartbreaking April snowfalls.  They often happen, and most Minnesotans complain and pretend it’s unusual to see snow in April.  On Saturday, we had a spring day in the upper 60’s. Sunday morning there was a couple inches of snow on the ground, which melted by mid-afternoon. Today was peppered with snow and ice, wind and cold. The sun hasn’t shown it’s face.  The snow hasn’t melted. There is beauty.  If we weren’t so disappointed, we might notice.  I painted one of those overcast days on Fountain Lake a couple years ago:

Fountain Lake 6,  30X40″, 2015


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