Lake Sylvan

My neighbor, Susan, has land on Lake Sylvan and Lake Tamarack.  Walking down the road to her property is as beautiful as any state park trail.  I finished a winter view of her yard a couple days ago and thought I’d pair it with a summer view from last year.  The winter scene is dominated by blues and browns, the play of light and shadow is dominant.  I love the color of shadows in the winter and the crisp air on a sunny day, making the vision sharp and hard edged.  In the summer, the view seems cushioned in greens and blues.  There are a lot of red pines overlooking the lake and I tried to indicate those needles in the striped lines within squares and also the * form, which is a simplification of viewing the needle cluster straight on.

Mary Lingen

Lake Sylvan 5, 24X36, 2017

Lake Sylvan 5, 36X48″, 2016


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