July 2016

Summer 15(40X40)2016
Summer 15,  40X40″, Oil on canvas, 2016

It’s a very beautiful summer this year, maybe because we’ve gotten enough rain and everything is green and lush.  The deerfly are thriving, unfortunately, and they make my frequent walks more of a challenge.  I don’t go into the deep woods in July because it’s almost insane, the flies are numerous and hungry.  By mid-August, I’ll be able to return to the woods.

The painting above is just a little ways off a road on Lake Hattie’s peninsula—we are looking onto a narrow path leading to a dock on Little Hattie.  I’ve nicknamed it “Harley’s Place” because the people who own the property have a dog named Harley.  I don’t know their names but I know their dog’s!


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