It’s Memorial Day and I just finished Little Hattie 12—a big winter painting, 54X72″. Because my paintings take a couple months to create, I often work on a landscape that is set in a different time of year.  I started Little Hattie 12 in the winter!

Little Hattie is one segment of Lake Hattie—it’s small, a bit wilder, not a place for big boats in the summer.  When I walked there last week, there was a little mud turtle basking on a rock jutting out of the water, a blue heron standing on one of the resident’s dock, swans and geese in the distance, and the sound of loons singing.  I’ve lived up here for nearly thirty years, but the nature still nurtures my spirit.  In a way, it’s power over me is probably stronger than ever, because this place represents home.

Little Hattie 12(54X72)2016

Mary Lingen


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