Garden Dreams

This is the time of year when I sow seeds indoors and grow the young plants under lights until it’s warm enough to plant them outside.  It’s always a thrill, because to me, the seeds don’t look like much.  It’s hard to believe they hold life inside, just waiting for warmth, light and moisture to emerge.  Every year I feel the same amazement.

My garden is mostly flowers, outside of a few vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes.  I just finished two small paintings of a couple of my favorite annuals.  Both of the flower images include insects that were resting on the blossom.  On the poppy, the two flies were very tiny, exquisitely constructed animals.  Here are the paintings, both only 12X12″.

Poppies & Flies(12X12)2016Poppy & Flies

Calendula & Bug(12X12)Calendula & Bug


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