Big Overheads

Looking at the sky is something I’ve found myself doing while walking in the woods. Looking up is expansive, dizzying, wonderful.  In the summer, the leaf cover is so dense, it’s almost claustrophobic.  I need to look up to see a peak of blue.  In the fall, the blue seems much bluer against the autumn leaves.  In the winter, I find myself moved by the grace of the tree branches, especially when they are lined with a layer of snow.  And of course, in the spring, I look up with longing for that incredible spring green of young leaves.


I just finished two large, autumn overhead paintings.  Here they are:

Overhead 15 (48X72″)
Overhead 15(48X72)2016

and Overhead 16 (72X86):
Overhead 16(72X86)2016
Mary Lingen


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