Art of the Garden 2015

Lilac (42.5X30.5)1998
Lilac, 42 1/2 X 30 1/2″, Oil on canvas from 1998
The Minnetonka Center for the Arts is having another “Art of the Garden” exhibit, opening on Thursday, July 2, from 6 to 8 pm. Jim and I are going to be there, so I hope to see some friends or fellow gardeners at the reception.
I will be exhibiting three works— some old favorites that have not been on display for quite a while. I worked a little differently in those days. In my mind, my flower paintings were “portraits” where I overlapped several different things I knew and felt about the plant, whether it was the shape of the seed case or the veining on the flowers or leaves or an emotional response.  In the lilac painting above, I show the shape of the open bloom, the bud, the leaf, and the flower cluster itself, and tried to hint at the fragrance through polka dots and stripes.
Mary Lingen


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