Summer 2014

Summer 12(72X72)2013

Summer 12,  72X72″, Oil on canvas,  2013

We’ve been enjoying ideal summer weather around here.  Yesterday I looked out my window to discover a fawn nursing from it’s mother.  Too beautiful!  I feel better about them eating many of my garden plants. I wish they would just eat the vegetables and leave the flowers alone, but they seem to like flowers as much as I do.  The only downside of summer is the deerfly and mosquitoes.  We live in a lush area of lakes, creeks, rivers and swamps, so walking down my road in July means being swarmed by deerfly, which seem to work up their appetites by orbiting around my head before zooming in for a painful bite.

For those of you longing to see art, I have a couple pieces at the Arts and Culture Alliance exhibit called Then and Now (Knoxville, TN),  Douglas Flanders and Associate in Minneapolis, MN has a huge assortment of my work, as does Milward Farrell Fine Arts Gallery in Madison, WI.


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